Authorities may change their attitude towards illegal burnings

The Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has received an encouraging answer from the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs: they are going to take steps so that the authorities take action more effectively against illegal residential burnings in the future.

CAAG had previously drawn the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office in a letter that the authorities act rarely when residents burn illegally (namely, burn plastic and other waste in their house or open air), and even if they do, their arrangements come to little in most cases. The main reason for that is the officials’ lack of knowledge, in addition to the difficulties in proving and legal interpretation. That is why CAAG asked the Prime Minister’s Office to create a detailed guide for the authorities, and to organize the training of the competent officials.

In his letter of response, Minister of State Zsolt V. Németh stated: „…I agree that the efficacy of the authorities’ action related to residential burning should be increased. As a first step, our portfolio intends to assess the protocols, experience and education requirements of the county government offices and district offices [authorities responsible for taking action against illegal residential burning].”

Translated by Tímea Szarvas