Green recovery after the crisis!

The Clean Air Action Group made recommendations upon the request of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) to support the MNB's Green Program aiming to contribute to the environmentally sustainable recovery from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Burning of green waste gets banned in more and more settlements

There is a strong correlation between air pollution and the severity of viral respiratory diseases, therefore, the coronavirus epidemic makes it even more urgent to reduce green waste burning than in previous years. As a result of recent scientific findings and public action, these fires are being banned in more and more municipalities across the country.More

It is essential to transform Budapest’s parking subsidy system

The current parking subsidy system in the Hungarian capital is extremely unfair and wasteful. This was the conclusion of the teleconference held by Budapest district municipalities I., VI., VII. and VIII., and the Clean Air Action Group. Participants also made a proposal to restructure the management of public spaces in order to significantly improve the quality of life of the people.More

Clean air would help to fight the pandemic

Municipalities should take effective measures to reduce air pollution without delay - requested the Secretary General of the National Association of Municipalities (TÖOSZ) in a letter sent to the leaders of more than 1,600 TÖOSZ member settlements. Dr. Ferenc Gyergyák wrote the letter upon the initiative of the National Association of Patient Organizations (BEMOSZ), the European Public Health Association (EPHA) and the Clean Air Action Group...More

Air quality meters to schools

Portable air quality measuring devices were handed over by ABUD Kft., HuGBC (Hungarian Green Building Council), Mimó&Csipek, Visegrad Sustainability and the Clean Air Action Group in the framework of the Klímabarát18 (Climate-friendly 18) program to five schools of Budapest’s 18th district that participated in in the Climate Cup 2019 competition. The devices will make it easier to integrate air quality related knowledge into the...More

It is time to regulate electric micromobility devices!

There is a growing need in Hungary for central regulation of the use of electric bicycles and scooters, Segways and other electric micromobility devices. Clean Air Action Group asked two highly experienced market players to develop the main elements of a regulatory proposal.More

Suggestions for the enhancement of car-sharing

At its last meeting, the Budapest Assembly decided to review regulation possibilities of car-sharing services in the capital. The Clean Air Action Group made proposals to this in a letter to Deputy Mayor David Dorosz. A modern public car system should help to provide an alternative to own a car in order to improve air quality and reduce emissions of climate-damaging substances. Therefore, it is necessary to create widespread, dedicated parking...More

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