Clean air on the banks of the Danube – civilians have launched a petition

At the initiative of local residents, the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) and aHang (The Voice) are launching a joint petition titled Clean air on the banks of the Danube: radically reduce air and noise pollution from shipping! If you visit the quays of Budapest and spend a few hours there, you will understand what the initiative is all about. The activists at aHang have conducted 14 air quality measurements over the past two weeks at Jászai Mari Square, Szent István Park, Március 15. Square,...


A good air pollution reduction programme – if it will be implemented

The measures described in the draft National Air Pollution Control Program (NAPCP) are strong and worth supporting, however, they are not sufficient to significantly reduce air pollution. This is the opinion of the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG)sent to the ministry responsible for the environment. The European Union’s National Emissions Ceilings (NEC) Directive stipulates that by the 1st of April 2019, all Member States should have submitted a...More

Support for electric cars: half a turn in the right direction

Since 2016, the Hungarian government has spent nearly 10 billion taxpayer Forints on supporting electric vehicle manufacturers. Unfortunately, the administrators of these subsidies missed a key element: they did not dedicate any funds to the replacement of the internal combustion engine vehicles with the highest-mileage. The Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has repeatedly called for the development of more effective assistance options. As such,...More

Is there a royal road to climate-friendly transport?

In Europe, transport accounts for nearly thirty percent of carbon dioxide emissions, and this proportion has been increasing in recent years. It is within this context that the member states of the European Union must reduce their emissions to zero by 2050. But how? The European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E) and its member organizations have developed a package of proposals for emissions reduction within their...More

Civilians for the Freedom of Science

We, the undersigned civil society organisations working in the Civilisation Coalition, stand up for the freedom of research guaranteed by the Fundamental Law, and express our solidarity with researchers and organisations opposing the Government’s plans for the operation and financing of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The development and even the survival of a democratic society requires scientific research that is independent of political...More

Urban tolling: an overview for beginners

What kind of plans, trends and experiences prevail about distance based urban tolling accross the globe? Beza Abebe Dress, one of Clean Air Action Group's interns, an MSc student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics was investigating that question. His research has confirmed that there are no technical or economic barriers to introducing an urban road toll system, as technology is constantly improving, on-board GPS units are getting...More

Will Hungary have to repay EU money because congestion charging was not implemented in Budapest?

The European Commission might claim back EU subsidies of tens of billions of Hungarian Forints from Hungary, if they will not reach an agreement regarding the missed implementation of a congestion charge in the capital city, Budapest – revealed Clean Air Action Group based on an exchange of correspondence. The Hungarian government and the City Council of Budapest have been only making promises for years, however the European Commission has to...More

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